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Inclusive Research by Design® uses qualitative research methods and these typically include interviews, content analysis, and observation. The principal has used these methods previously to write evaluative reports for clients around the globe.

The principal of Inclusive Research by Design is Logan D. A. Williams. Previously, Logan taught university courses full-time for four years at Michigan State University and part-time for two years at University of Maryland, College Park. Now, she is training business professionals, technology professionals, artists and designers to utilize inclusivity mainstreaming in her series of courses on inclusive technology design. These new courses emphasize anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist, or anti-transphobic approaches to creating new devices, infrastructures, and software.

Logan has a multi-disciplinary background in Mechanical Engineering and the interdisciplinary social science field called Science and Technology Studies (STS). Because of Logan's previous work on gender-mainstreaming at UNEP, training as a disability justice ally, and past research and teaching on science, technology, race and gender, she is particularly well-prepared to enhance the inclusivity of: technology designs, research protocols, research team practices, or research problem selection. Logan (and her co-author Thomas Woodson) invented an auditing technique to address inequality in science and technology called the "targeting inequality protocol" as one method of "inclusivity mainstreaming." You can read more about it in the journal Minerva (or for free as a pre-print on SocArcXiv).

Past clients include: Bristol University Press, League of Arab States Khadija Network, Fondazione Cariplo, Palgrave, Dr. Lisa-Marie Pierre, Routledge, MIT Press, UNESCO New Delhi Office
LOGAN D. A. WILLIAMS (she/her/hers)

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